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Weighing the True Cost of Organic Food in Auckland? Your Family's Health and Our Future

It's a question that's often asked: 'What is the real cost of eating organic?'

While some may focus on the immediate price tag, there's a bigger picture. Long-term health costs are a crucial factor that often gets overlooked. As it turns out, opting for organic food might be a cheaper investment in a healthier future.

Research has unearthed a startling reality. New Zealand's estimated pesticide use is a whopping 3x higher than the global average. This excess usage isn't just an environmental issue; it affects the youngest among us in ways we are only beginning to understand.

In this study, researchers found high levels of metabolites created by controversial pesticides, such as chlorpyrifos and triclopyr. 

Chlorpyrifos, in particular, has drawn international attention. The US Environmental Protection Agency banned its use on food products in 2021 due to links with neurodevelopmental problems and impaired brain function in children. Similarly, the European Commission hasn't renewed its approval, and Canada has proposed to cancel most of its current uses.


Here in New Zealand, chlorpyrifos is still permitted. However, the Environmental Protection Authority began reassessing its safety in 2020.

In light of these findings, how can we ensure we're making the best decisions for our family's health?

This is where Huckleberry steps in. We aspire to be more than just an organic shop in Auckland. We're committed to providing you with natural & organic food free from harmful pesticides. 

We believe in the power of informed choices and strive to offer a diverse range of organic and spray-free foods that promote health and sustainability.

When you weigh in on the potential long-term health costs, choosing organic food is an investment in a healthier future. It's not just about the price you pay at the counter, it's about the well-being of your loved ones and the sustainability of our planet.

Whether you're a seasoned organic shopper or new to the concept, we invite you to explore the benefits of organic living with Huckleberry. Our mission is to make organic food accessible and affordable, taking care of our people and our planet. 

Remember, the food choices we make today can have lasting impacts. Visit Huckleberry, your go-to organic shop in Auckland, and make the shift towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

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