Egg-cellent Alternatives: Egg Substitutes for Plant-based Diets

Egg-cellent Alternatives: Egg Substitutes for Plant-based Diets

New Zealand is facing a nationwide egg shortage, making it difficult for locals to find this kitchen need. Additionally, the lack of eggs offers a chance to investigate aquafaba as a healthier and more environmentally friendly substitute.

What is Aquafaba?

This magic ingredient, made from the liquid in a can of Ceres Organics or Chantal Organics chickpeas, can be used as an egg substitute in a variety of dishes. Aquafaba is not only adaptable and healthy, but it also replaces the need for hens' eggs, making it an ethical choice.

Here are some ways to use aquafaba in your cooking or baking:

  1. As a binder in baked goods like cakes, cookies, and bread.
  2. As an egg substitute in vegan mayonnaise.
  3. As a whipped egg white substitute in meringues and frosting.

There are numerous different egg substitutes that can still give your favourite breakfast dishes the flavour and texture that you love. Here are four additional egg replacements to try:

Silken Tofu

For recipes that call for eggs in a creamy or custard-like consistency, including quiches and pies, silken tofu is a fantastic substitute. To bake, simply combine it with the rest of the ingredients in your recipe.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds and water combine to produce a gel-like substance that can take the place of eggs in baking recipes. For every egg your recipe calls for, substitute one tablespoon of chia seeds with three tablespoons of water.


Applesauce can replace eggs in baking recipes by adding moisture and aiding in the binding of components. For every egg your recipe calls for, use one-fourth cup of applesauce.


Yogurt can be substituted for eggs in recipes to add tanginess and moisture to your baked goods. For every egg your recipe calls for, use 14 cup of yoghurt.

We hope that these suggestions will enable you to include more wholesome and sustainable options in your morning breakfast routine. At Huckleberry, you can choose organic free-range eggs or one of our best egg alternatives and feel good about your dietary decisions.

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