It’s a philosophy that begins and ends with our intention to be a trustworthy grocer that stocks the best in organic and natural wholefoods, body, baby, wellness and home care products. That intention is, in turn, informed by these key driving principles:

A trustworthy grocer

to only stock ingredients that we understant & feel are safe to eat, use on our bodies & in our homes

to only stock products created with good intent

to only stock products we consider ‘real food’

to only stock products that don’t harm the planet

Organic means a lot more than just spray free. Yes, it means producing without genetic modification or the routine use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, but it also frames a bigger, holistic way of thinking about food production that prioritises the long-term health of the land, soil, environment and surrounding flora and fauna over short-term gain.

It means thinking and acting to ensure the welfare of animals and the fair treatment of people in rural and farming communities. And it means thinking sustainably about the health and well-being of ourselves, future generations and our planet.

What do we mean by organic?

Huckleberry's membership of OANZ (Organics Aotearoa New Zealand), the national voice for organics in New Zealand, underlies our commitment to continuing to grow our organic offering and promoting organic values and principles in everything we do.

Our commitment

We can trace our grains back to their crop, a single coffee bean to its plantation or an apple to its orchard. For our customers BioGro certification empowers them with trust in knowing exactly where Huckleberry products and produce have come from.

Wholefoods are fresh and minimally processed to retain as much nutritional value as possible. Eating wholefoods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes helps to ensure that our diets are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, good fats, high quality protein and natural carbohydrates. That’s why you’ll always find Huckleberry shelves packed with plenty of them for you to choose from.

What do we mean by wholefoods?

What’s the difference between ‘certified organic’ & ‘made with organic ingredients’

Sometimes we stock products that are made with organic ingredients, or that are manufactured organically but haven’t yet been certified. This is because organic certification is a costly and time consuming process, which means that it isn’t always feasible in the short term for smaller farms and producers.

In cases where sourcing organic isn’t possible, our customers can rest assured that we only ever work with trusted suppliers who share our values in prioritising the health and wellbeing of people and the environment.

Whatever the product is, we will have always done our utmost to ensure that it is the very best we can find.

With food allergies and intolerances becoming increasingly widespread, it is important for a responsible community grocer to offer products that cater to specific dietary requirements. That’s why at Huckleberry we stock a range of products for those looking for:

Outside of organic

gluten free

dairy free

lactose free



sulphite free

refined sugar free

free range

Social and environmental responsibility

Taking responsibility and doing things the right way is fundamental to our organic philosophy and we believe in offering everyone the best quality natural food and product we can find.

We take pride in knowing that the relationships we have fostered with our suppliers support local businesses and organic farming communities nationwide and we support Fair Trade producers who advocate fair working conditions and stable prices across the globe.

We do what we can to work with producers who are interested in moving towards creating organic or more sustainable products to offer support around how they can take steps to make these changes happen.

We take steps to balance profit-making against initiatives that are of benefit to the community. That’s why we offer the expertise of qualified naturopaths in store and why we’ve invested in healthy grab n' go meals at our larger locations to offer better quality meals for our customers on the go.

We always do what we can to minimise waste and offer sustainable choices that don’t damage the environment. When it comes to supplements, skincare and makeup, we choose products that are non-toxic, contain organic or natural ingredients, and are approved by our Naturopaths.

When it comes to grocery shopping, we encourage our customers to bring their own pots and tubs to refill and we offer them recyclable brown paper bags and canvas totes to carry their goodies home in.

We aren’t perfect, and we are constantly seeking ways to be better.