Your Guide to Certified Organic, Spray-Free and Non-GMO at Huckleberry

Your Guide to Certified Organic, Spray-Free and Non-GMO at Huckleberry

Ever get stuck trying to decipher organic labelling and wonder, 'What on earth does this sticker mean?' Our guide is here to decode the labels in-store, so you can make informed decisions and shop intentionally. 

Certified Organic 

What it Means

Certified Organic is the gold standard in our world of organic eating. This label highlights that the product has been grown and produced without synthetic pesticides/herbicides, chemical fertilisers and genetic modification. Third party certifiers audit these growers to verify that organic farming practices have been met. In NZ, our largest certifying bodies are BioGro and AsureQuality

For the health-conscious and environmentally aware, Certified Organic is a no-brainer because farmers prioritise long term soil health and biodiversity. 


What it Means

We generally use "Spray-Free" on products that are grown organically, but have not been certified as such, due to cost of certification to the grower, or no certifying body in the country of origin.

Spray-Free means no synthetic chemical sprays (pesticides/herbicides) are used on the crops during cultivation. While synthetic sprays have not been used, it is important to note that some local farmers may still use synthetic fertilisers - we try our best not to source these products. 

While both certified organic and spray-free aim to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals in agriculture, certified organic is a more formalised, regulated, and holistic approach, encompassing a wide range of sustainable farming practices. 


What it Means

Non-Genetically Modified Organism (or non GMO), is a badge of purity. When you see this label, it assures you that the product’s genetic material has not been artificially manipulated in any way. Traditional breeding methods have been used to achieve desired traits. 

It's important to note that the term "non-GMO" specifically refers to the absence of genetic modification and does not necessarily imply anything about other farming practices, such as pesticide use, organic farming, or sustainability.

Choose With Confidence

At Huckleberry, we understand that your choices matter. Next time you’re walking around our stores, keep an eye out for these stickers on our labels to help you decide which products align with your values! 

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