Top Tips For Reusables

Top Tips For Reusables

In recent years, the world has seen a growing movement towards reducing waste and becoming more environmentally conscious - how great right?! One way people are doing this is by using reusable items instead of single-use products. 

From reusable water bottles and coffee cups to cloth shopping bags and food containers, these options can help reduce resource use as well as the waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. Here are some top tips to help you on your way: 

Understand Your Waste

The first step to reducing your impact on the environment is understanding what you are using, why you are using it, and where your opportunities to reduce waste lie. We recommend conducting a mini-waste audit, this might sound weird but we promise it is the best way to really understand your consumption! 

  1. Store your landfill waste for a week or even a month and then inspect it. 
  2. Lay it all out on a clean surface and group the items into categories. 
  3. From there you can figure out what waste you make the most of and focus on replacements for those items first.  For more eco swap ideas check out the CaliWoods choices checklist

Make The Switch

Choosing to switch to reusable items is not only an environmentally responsible choice, but it also has many personal benefits; you can save money in the long run by avoiding the need to continuously purchase single-use products, and save time by cutting down on trips to the store - a win-win! 

With plenty of options available in the market, you can select reusables that work for your routine and fit your style. It can be as simple as carrying a stainless straw with you for meals out. But, for those looking to level up, here are some of our favs: 

  • Stainless Safety Razors 

  • Reusable Safety Razors are different from the plastic kinds lining supermarket shelves. They're ultra-sustainable, as you only need to change the blades, and they will last well when cared for properly. They are unisex and can be used on all parts of your body. These Safety Razors are easy to use and give you a close silky smooth shave. Gentle pressure is key, you can let the weight of the razor do the work for you!

  • Bamboo Hairbrushes

  • We are so focused on investing in the best hair products that we forget that the hairbrush we use is one of the most essential contributors to healthy-looking hair. Your new bestie in hair care has arrived. We all want less frizzy, split-end-free hair that looks healthy, and using a brush with gentle bristles that can massage the scalp and stimulate blood flow is the way forward. Because this bamboo brush is made entirely of natural rubber and sustainable bamboo, the bristles condition and distribute your hair's natural oils, all the while replacing a plastic item.

  • Reusable Baking Mats

  • Reusable Food-Grade Silicone Baking Mats are luxe yet practical addition to your kitchen. Use the Baking Mats every day as you would disposable baking paper - think of covering an oven tray to bake cookies or spread your oil-tossed vegies, so they are ready for roasting. The Baking Mats are easy to use, easy to clean and come in a two-pack so one can be used while the other is in the dishwasher. No more awkwardly cleaning big oven trays in the sink or buying endless rolls of baking paper.

  • Silicone Lids

  • These reusable Silicone Food Covers will fit any plate, bowl, container, or half-cut piece of fruit or vegetable that is round. They also work relatively well on rectangular shapes. Fruit that has been halved? Coconut milk in cans? Lasagna for the family? These are long-lasting with an airtight seal that keeps your food fresher for longer while cutting glad wrap out of the equation! The material is food-grade silicone, and the lids are easy to clean and long-lasting enough for years of frequent usage.

    The Takeaway 

    Whether you are looking to completely overhaul your routine, or simply make a few changes to reduce your waste there are options out there for everyone. As a bonus, these items are luxe, save you money, and time while benefitting the whole family! 

    Find all these items in your local Huckleberry store or shop online. This post was written by the team at CaliWoods. You can learn more about how to live more sustainably on the their blog, here

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