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Agnes Yao: 26 Years of Service at Huckleberry

Meet Agnes Yao, Retail Hero. As our fresh produce queen, she has been a driving force in ensuring that our organic produce is of the highest quality by carefully selecting the freshest fruits and vegetables for our customers at our Huckleberry Royal Oak store. We love Agnes for a cheerful personality and attention to detail, making her a joy to work with. 

We’ve asked her a few questions so let’s get to know Agnes:

How long have you been with Huckleberry?

I celebrated my 26th year with Huckleberry in March 2023. Time flies!

What inspired you to work at Huckleberry?

I stumbled upon Huckleberry Farms by chance after my maternity appointment in Greenlane. I fell in love with the store and the world of organics. After my son was born, I joined the Greenlane store before I transferred to our Royal Oak store. 

What’s your favourite organic and natural food or product?

I’m a big fan of Antipodes organic skincare range. I also love indulging in She Universe Chocolate Covered Brownie, so delicious!

Why do you enjoy being a Retail Hero?

The best part of my role is serving our local community. I love getting to know our customers and their families. It brings me great joy to talk to them about our fresh produce and help them with their needs. 

We are excited to announce that Agnes will be serving our Harvest by Huckleberry customers starting Wednesday, 12th April. We warmly welcome her to this new chapter in her journey with our company. 

Congratulations, Agnes once again on your 26 years at Huckleberry, and here’s to celebrating many more successes and milestones with you in the future!

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