Trade Aid Soap Jasmine 80g

Palam Rural Centre in Southern India which makes this soap use the finest ingredients and essential oils.

The scent of jasmine is believed to alleviate depression, exhaustion and stress by producing feelings of optimism, confidence and euphoria. It is also used to relieve dry, irritated or sensitive skin and for muscular spasms and sprain.

By purchasing this soap you are helping bring about lasting change for soap makers.

This product uses sustainably sourced Indian Palam oil from the state of Andra Pradesh - an area suitable for cultivation of palm trees. Palam is committed to conserving nature and protecting endangered animals, and only purchase palm oil locally.

Hydrogenated rice bran wax; palm oil; coconut oil; coconut stearic acid; glycerine; citric acid; sodium chloride; sodium hydroxide; zinc oxide; jasmine essential oil.

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