Tender Loving Cacao Raw Organic Chocolate - Mint Crunch 45g

TLS's Heirloom Arriba Naccional Cacao are picked and brought down the mountainous regions on the back of donkeys. The Cacao beans are turned into a paste where they add a touch of more cacao butter and organically certified superfoods, fruits, and coconut. Creating an explosion of flavour with the true taste of raw chocolate.

Raw Organic. Handmade. No Soy. Gluten Free. Dairy Free. No refined Sugar.

Ingredients: Raw Organic Cacao Paste, Organic Coconut Nectar, Raw Organic Cacao Butter, Raw Organic Cacao Nibs (9%), Organic Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Vanilla Powder, Mint (Peppermint) Oil. Contains 61% of Raw Organic Cacao solids.

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