Soda Press Co. Classic Indian Tonic Syrup 500ml

The worlds first clear Organic Tonic Syrup. This clear, organic tonic brings the perfect ultra-dry, bittersweet touch to your home bar. Premium grade natural Quinine extracted from real Cinchona Bark sustainable sourced from farms within the Congolese highlands. 

The citric tones and subtle botanical flavor combined with burnt bergamot peel provides the platform for your gin dance without the fear of being swamped by inferior mainstream tonics. Why pollute your gin (or Vodka) with an over-sugared 'artificial quinine' tonic?

Ingredients: Natural spring water, organic sugar, organic brown rice syrup, citric acid, natural lemon, Lime and orange extracts, Quinine (0.1%) (from natural cinchona bark), burnt bergamot orange peel, natural botanical extracts.

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