Soda Press Co. Blueberry & Lime Soda Syrup 500ml

Finally healthier Soda and mixing Syrups - Just add fizzy water from a bottle of soda/sparkling water or your sodastream. Now you can enjoy artificial free, low sugar sodas, cocktails, slushies, popsicles, over ice-cream and more. Flavours range from the beloved classics through to the experimental that we think will tickle your fancy enabling even the kids to get their creative-on.

This unique fruit combination is just perfect all year round. Uplifting berry notes followed by a clean pallet with an ever so subtle lime and tart finish.

Ingredients: Blueberry juice (53%) [blueberries, water, blueberry juice concentrate], organic sugar, organic rice syrup, Lime juice (4%), citric acid, ascorbic acid.

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