Seleno Health Organic Maca Powder - 125g

Seleno Health's authentic Peruvian organic maca is sourced from the mountains of Junin in Peru and is fair trade and organic certified. The environmental conditions give rise to a potent medicinal superfood that taken daily has the ability to:

Boost energy, Boost vitality, Fight Fatigue, Balance hormones, Increase sex-drive and libido, Increase fertility, Combat menopause, Enhance sexual function and performance, Reduce stress, Improve cognitive function and mental health.

Help boost your energy levels, libido, sex-drive and balance your hormones. Maca is the Incan medicinal root that grows above altitudes of 3000m in the mountains of Peru. It is a nutrient-rich superfood that has amazing healing and energising properties and has been used for centuries to improve health and vitality. Rich in Amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Add to yoghurts, smoothies, cereals or juices to give your breakfast a powerful nutrient boost. Drink as a tea. Add to soups or stocks to flavour and enrich your meals.

Ingredients: 100% Gelatinized Maca Powder

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