Pacific Harvest Garlic Kelp

Huckleberry NZ




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About this Product

Garlic kelp can be added to almost anything before, during or after cooking - stir fries, chicken or meat, on fresh avocado, guacamole. When blanching or steaming vegetables, season with a few drops of healthy oil and sprinkle with garlic kelp as you would do with salt. Experiment with kelps as a way to make flavoured butters.

Kelp seasoning is a great way to add umami flavour to your meal. The kelp gently tenderises what you are cooking, reducing cooking time and improves digestibility. Kelp is densely nutritious - high in iodine. Many use kelp as a salt replacement, enjoying the salty flavour but with the benefit of improved nutrition.

Product Ingredients

Kelp (61%), Garlic (21%), Rice Flour, Spices.