Mountain Bread Spelt Wrap 8 pack

Huckleberry NZ




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About this Product

This traditional bread made with spelt flour has been widely eaten in other parts of the world for thousands of years.
Its thin, dry soft texture is not doughy like other breads and is highly popular with those interested in their health, as well as with children, encouraging them to chew properly.

Mountain Bread spelt wrap has many delicious ways of serving: roll it up with your favourite filling or use it with all your meal dishes, use for all kinds of sandwiches, souvlaki and as a lasagna base, wrap up your bbq or roast chicken to keep it warm, use with dips or any kind of cooking, delicious as baked crispy sandwiches, try it baked and crumbled with milk as a cereal or on top of soup.

Product Ingredients

Spelt Flour, Filtered Water and Iodised Salt.