Certified Organic

Loving Earth Caramel Swayzee Chocolate

Huckleberry NZ




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Certified Organic


About this Product

Salty, sweet and dark. Layers of Salted Caramel on a bed of rich Dark chocolate.
Salty-sweet caramel on over smooth dark chocolate ... luxurious and silky, with a kick of real dark cacao.

Product Ingredients

Cacao Butter*, Evaporated Coconut Nectar*, Raw Cashew*, Desiccated Coconut*, Cacao Powder*, Raw Agave Nectar*, Carob Powder*, Coconut Oil*, Pink Lake Salt (0.4%), Cinnamon*, Almond*, Hazelnut*, 49% Min Cacao, Contains 60% Salted Caramel and 40% Dark Mylk Chocolate. (*Certified Organic).