Little & Brave Large Nappies 34 pack

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BPA Free


About this Product

Little & brave eco nappies are soft and super absorbent nappy liners that keep baby snug and dry. They are made for use with a little & brave washable, reusable fabric snap wrap (outer). Little & brave also have the added benefits of being biodegradable and commercially compostable.

-Commercially compostable
-No added perfume
-Forest stewardship council (FSC) certified wood pulp
-Plant-based biofilm
-No oil-based plastics
- The waterproof layer is breathable to help prevent moisture build-up and the double elastic leg guards help prevent leakage. These soft-cloth feel nappies are safe for baby's sensitive skin.
- Sustainably made from renewable ingredients, little & brave eco nappies are genuinely kind on bottoms and gentle on the earth.

These nappies can also be used in most modern cloth nappy covers or any close-fitting garment, which will fit the eco nappy snugly to the body.

These are an excellent option for cloth families looking for a night nappy alternative.

Size guide: 8 to 15kg.

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