Lifestream Advance Enzymes

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About this Product

Provides good levels of a broad combination of digestive enzymes necessary to assist the digestive process throughout the digestive tract. It contains a proprietary blend of plant and microbial derived enzymes specifically designed to aid the digestion of nutrient dense meals.

This formula supports digestion for people who eat the typical modern diet, which is high in protein, fat, refined carbohydrates and newly raw food. It contains a proprietary blend of enzymes to aid the digestion of these heavier meals. It does not contain HCL from ox bile, which is common in some digestive enzymes, making it a vegetarian-friendly option.

Product Ingredients

Amylase (12 thousand DU), Protease (35 thousand HUT, Bromelains (33mg), Lipase (600 LipU), Papain (20mg), Tilactase (lactase) (1 thousand ALU), Cellulase (250 CU).