Hakanoa Ginger Syrup

Huckleberry NZ




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Made in New Zealand


Refined Sugar-Free

About this Product

This delectable concoction is a ginger-lover's dream. It's dense with 48% ginger, carefully filtered to produce a silky rich syrup that warms you right down to the cockles of your heart. This stuff is incredibly versatile - it's a cordial, a condiment, and a cooking ingredient. It's also rich and smooth and delicious - try to imagine liquid gingerbread. Wonderful diluted in sodas, or in hot water, in hot toddies, and especially good dissolved in hot frothy milk. Yes - hot milk! It's a very soothing concoction.

Product Ingredients

Filtered Water, Organic Fairtrade Raw Sugar, Fresh Fijian Ginger Root, Organic Sultanas, Organic Fijian Dried Ginger, NZ Lemon Juice (not from concentrate).