Greencane Facial Tissues

Huckleberry NZ




*prices will vary according to the actual weight of the product.


Plastic Free

BPA Free


About this Product

Quality two-ply soft white tissues in conveniently sized packs for the home, office and car. Sustainably produced and packaged with no unnecessary plastic.

Saving Trees each time you shop. Trees take over 20 years to grow, bamboo and sugarcane only take 1 year - this has to be a no-brainer!

Green Cane packaging commitment is to be plastic free and 100% biodegradable. The packaging is a mix of cardboard, paper and a clear plant-based cellophane.

Really nice and soft - so you can enjoy it every day.

Trouble-free for your plumbing or septic tanks.
Being mainly plant based our paper achieves 100% biodegradability fast!

No inks, fragrances or plastic. Earth friendly manufacture.

Product Ingredients

Bamboo & Recycled Sugarcane.