Certified Organic

Green Valley Organic Blue Top Milk

Huckleberry NZ




*prices will vary according to the actual weight of the product.


Certified Organic


Made in New Zealand

Refined Sugar-Free

NZ Grown

About this Product

Green Valley Organic Milk is a rich and full-flavored milk, nurtured by nature and full of goodness.

This organic whole milk is free from both permeate and palm kernel expeller, to deliver a top-quality product that surpasses standard milk.

The difference in taste is truly remarkable!

Green Valley Organic Milk is full fat and full taste. A smooth and creamy milk that everyone will love,

Housed in a 100 percent recyclable milk bottle through which you can see what you are drinking and how much is left in the bottle.

Product Ingredients

Certified Organic Homogenised & Pasterised Milk.