Equagold Pure Vanilla Paste

Huckleberry NZ




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About this Product

Vanilla paste is generally made by separating vanilla seeds during the extract process and then mixing it with vanilla extract to enhance the flavour and thickening it with additives and/or gums. Equagold has developed its paste using seeds that have not been extracted and without the use of additives and/or gums, resulting in an intensely flavoured paste loaded with seeds. In brief the product is intensified not diluted. 100% Pure Vanilla Paste made by Equagold is intense, aromatic and packed full of seeds, making it a favourite of chefs and caterers. Better yet, it's made without the use of any thickeners or gluey gums!

Product Ingredients

100% Vanilla Seeds, Vanilla Extract, Ground Vanilla, Sugar. May have traces of Alcohol.