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About this Product

odine is required to make thyroid hormones so with insufficient iodine, energy levels and healthy metabolism may be compromised. Insufficient iodine may also affect growth and development, protein synthesis, cholesterol production, carbohydrate absorption, nerve and bone formation, reproduction, speech and mental health and the condition of the hair, skin and nails. Iodine is deficient in New Zealand soil, so deficiency is common.

Dosage: Adults: The iodine drops can be taken in a glass of fruit juice or other acidic drink (i.e. add 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar to a glass of water) and sip the drink throughout the course of the meal. Ensure the dropper is held horizontally to obtain the correct amount.
Note: Absorption of the iodine may be enhanced by taking together with fruit juice.

Precautions: Use Clinicians Iodine Oral Drops with caution in individuals taking blood thinning medication as iodine may affect the blood's clotting ability and therefore may alter the effect of this medication. Consult your health professional before taking this product if you have hyperthyroidism or are on thyroid medication.
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding: Clinicians Iodine Oral Drops is regarded as suitable to take during these times under health professional supervision.
There have been reports of iodine toxicity with levels exceeding 1000mcg daily. Do not exceed the recommended daily level unless under the supervision of a health professional.
Drug interactions: Thyroid hormones - supplementing with iodine will affect thyroid medication. Use with caution. Anticoagulants - Kelp/iodine may affect blood clotting and therefore should be used with caution.

Product Ingredients

Active Ingredients in each drop: Iodine (from Iodine and Potassium Iodide) 250 mcg
Also contains: Purified Water.
No added: Gluten, Dairy, Yeast, Sugar, Artificial Colours, Sweeteners, Flavours Or Preservatives.