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Ceres Organic Psyllium Husk

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Certified Organic



About this Product

Psyllium is revered for its impressive dietary fibre content - providing a massive 80% soluble to insoluble fibre, compared to grains which provide mainly the insoluble 'roughage' kind. It absorbs liquid, expanding to a gel-like consistency in our bodies, essentially becoming a broom for your insides!

Directions for use: Up your fibre intake by adding a teaspoon of Ceres Organics Psyllium Husk to your daily diet. Simply add to smoothies, juices, cereals or baking. It's also awesome as a thickener.

Precautions: Psyllium absorbs liquid so it is very important to drink plenty of water when taking this herb.

Product Ingredients

Organic Psyllium Husks.