Nuzest Good Green Stuff 300g

A great-tasting super blend of nutrient-rich greens, fruits, vegetables and berries, Good Green Stuff is real food as nature intended. To help keep the insides happy, we’ve added probiotics, digestive enzymes and helpful herbs. And extra vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants … just in case.

Ingredients: Organic Spirulina 1000mg, Organic Barley Leaf 340mg, Organic Chlorella 340mg, Organic Wheatgrass 340mg, Bilberry extract*200 mg, Blackcurrant extract*200mg, Goji Berry extract*, Broccoli sprout 250mg Beetroot 170mg Carrot 90mg Spinach 70m, Acerola Fruit extract*270mg Papaya 250mg Pineapple Juice extract*250mg, Red Marine Algae 485mg, Kelp whole plant extract*60mg, Apple Pectin Prebiotic550mg B. bifidum (3 Billion CFU) 30mg, L. acidophilus (3 Billion CFU)10mg, Bioflavanoids 500mg, Rosehip extract*175mg, Citric acid 200mg, Grape seed extract*100mg, Alpha Lipoic acid 75mg, Green Tea leaf extract*75mg, Rosemary leaf extract*75mg, Cacao Bean Polyphenol extract*70mg, Turmeric rhizome extract*70mg, Bromelain65 mg, CoEnzyme Q10 16mg, Beta Glucans 70%11.4mg, P. Cuspidatum Resveratrol 15mg, Pea Protein Isolate 950mg, Sunflower Lecithin 750mg, Organic Flaxseed 400mg, Milk Thistle seed extract*80mg, Ginger rhizome 75mg, Dandelion plant extract* 40mg, Hawthorn extract*35mg, Slippery Elm inner bark 25mg, Globe Artichoke extract 500mg, Panax Ginseng extract 100mg, Ashwagandha root extract*75mg, Astragalus root extract*75mg, Gotu Kola extract*75mg, Gotu Kola extract*75mg,  Licorice root 70mg, Rhodiola Rosea 50mg, Shiitake Mushroom 30mg, Burdock root extract*25mg, Vanilla Flavour Pineapple Stevia

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