Natava SuperFoods - Organic Goji Berries 250g

Natava SuperFoods Certified Organic Goji Berries are of the highest quality. They are grown in the highlands of Tibet which has the longest growing season and produces delicious, and nutrient dense goji. Natava SuperFoods goji is also a raw food product to ensure it retains the maximum health benefits.

These little berries are an abundant source of nutrition as they contain, 18 kinds of amino acids, including all the 8 essential amino acids, have 11.7% protein, are also rich in trace minerals including zinc, iron, copper, calcium, germanium, selenium and phosphorus and the vitamins B1, B2, B6 and vitamin E. So when you eat goji berries you know you are getting a whole array of benefits and giving your body the nutrients it needs.

Goji Berries make a great snack food, but we also recommend adding them to smoothies, muesli, soaking them overnight with oats, adding to desserts and they can also be made into anti-oxidant rich tea.

Ingredients: Oragnic Goji Berries

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