Linda McCartney Mozzarella Burgers - 2pk

Seasoned vegetarian 1/4lb burgers made with rehydrated textured soy protein, onion, and Mozzarella cheese. Enjoy the perfect ¼ pounder, with fried mushrooms and onions spooned on top and steamed green beans tossed in a little butter on the side

Ingredients: Rehydrated Textured Soya Protein (64%), Rapeseed Oil, Onion (8%), Mozzarella Cheese (Milk) (8%), Seasoning (Yeast Extract, Malted Barley Extract, Onion Powder, Flavouring, Salt, Garlic Powder), Stabiliser: Methyl Cellulose, Chickpea Flour, Flavouring (Yeast Extract, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Acid: Citric Acid), Garlic Puree, Malted Barley Extract, Onion Powder

*Allergens: contains dairy, soy & barley

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