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ecostore Whitening Toothpaste
ecostore Whitening Toothpaste Huckleberry NZ 709942 $4.80
The Eco Floss
The Eco Floss Huckleberry NZ 710012 $5.95
Go Bamboo Adult Toothbrush
Go Bamboo Adult Toothbrush Huckleberry NZ 701711 $3.99
ecostore Complete Care Mouthwash
ecostore Complete Care Mouthwash Huckleberry NZ 709946 was $8.45 On Sale $7.60
Grin Biodegradable Toothbrush
Grin Biodegradable Toothbrush 2 pack Huckleberry NZ 709297 $11.95
ecostore Soft Toothbrush
ecostore Soft Toothbrush Huckleberry NZ 709944 was $4.80 On Sale $4.30
ecostore Propolis Toothpaste
ecostore Propolis Toothpaste Huckleberry NZ 709943 was $4.80 On Sale $4.30
ecostore Complete Care Toothpaste
ecostore Complete Care Toothpaste Huckleberry NZ 709941 was $4.80 On Sale $4.30
Weleda Salt Toothpaste
Weleda Salt Toothpaste Huckleberry NZ 101005 $11.20
Grin Whitening Toothpaste
Grin Whitening Toothpaste Huckleberry NZ 708208 $7.65
Grin Freshening Toothpaste
Grin Freshening Cool Mint Toothpaste Huckleberry NZ 707226 $7.25
Go Bamboo Children'sToothbrush
Go Bamboo Children'sToothbrush Huckleberry NZ 702468 $3.99
ecostore Medium Toothbrush
ecostore Medium Toothbrush Huckleberry NZ 709945 was $4.80 On Sale $4.30
Dr. Hisham's Alkaline Mounth Rinse
Dr. Hisham's Alkaline Mounth Rinse Huckleberry NZ 709756 $25.80
Dr. Hisham's Vital Teeth Serum
Dr. Hisham's Vital Teeth Serum Huckleberry NZ 709754 $29.50
Dr. Hisham's Birch Xylitol
Dr. Hisham's Birch Xylitol Huckleberry NZ 712450 $17.59

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Oral Care

Choose from our range of natural oral care products, including toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss and toothbrushes - all easy, effective and environmentally-friendly.


  • Certified Organic

    External verifiers have audited the grower to ensure organic standards are met.

  • Non - Certified Organic

    Grown organically but not certified by external verifiers. In this instance, we receive signed affidavits from our suppliers and maintain close working relationships.

  • Non - Organic

    When organic is not available, we work with trusted suppliers to source spray-free or conventional product that’s as naturally produced as possible.