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Green Trading  Ashwagandha 500mg
Green Trading Ashwagandha 500mg Huckleberry NZ 706626 $36.20
Malcolm Harker Deep Lung Support
Malcolm Harker Deep Lung Support Huckleberry NZ 108632 $29.99
Malcolm Harker Intestinal Cleanse
Malcolm Harker Intestinal Cleanse Huckleberry NZ 108645 $29.99
Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy Pastilles Blackcurrant
Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy Pastilles Blackcurrant Huckleberry NZ 104256 $17.99
Comvita Olive Leaf Extract
Comvita Olive Leaf Extract Huckleberry NZ 112431 $40.99
Kiwiherb Stress Arrest
Kiwiherb Stress Arrest Huckleberry NZ 707817 $31.80
Biobalance Liposomal Turmeric
Biobalance Liposomal Turmeric Huckleberry NZ 708024 $60.40
Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy Spray
Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy Spray Huckleberry NZ 206333 $42.50
Weleda Organic Cough Elixir
Weleda Organic Cough Elixir Huckleberry NZ 703911 $33.90
Kiwiherb Herbal Throat Spray
Kiwiherb Herbal Throat Spray Huckleberry NZ 207017 $25.60
Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy
Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy Huckleberry NZ 206154 $28.99
Kiwiherb Stresscare
Kiwiherb Stresscare Huckleberry NZ 109432 $39.99
Malcolm Harker Adrenal Tonic
Malcolm Harker Adrenal Tonic Huckleberry NZ 108642 $36.80
Radiance Fenugreek
Radiance Fenugreek Huckleberry NZ 206287 $32.50
Malcolm Harker Ear Nose & Throat Tonic
Malcolm Harker Ear Nose & Throat Tonic Huckleberry NZ 108650 $29.99
Malcolm Harker Iron Tonic
Malcolm Harker Iron Tonic Huckleberry NZ 108649 $29.99
Lifestream Spirulina
Lifestream Organic Spirulina Huckleberry NZ 104039 $19.50
Kiwiherb Echinature
Kiwiherb Echinature Huckleberry NZ 100656 was $29.80 On Sale $22.99
Kiwiherb Herbal Chest Syrup
Kiwiherb Herbal Chest Syrup Huckleberry NZ 100652 $25.99
Artemis ViroGone Spray
Artemis ViroGone Spray Huckleberry NZ 712436 $27.70
Nature's Way Blessed Thistle
Nature's Way Blessed Thistle Huckleberry NZ 103559 $41.10
Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy Sleep Spray
Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy Sleep Spray Huckleberry NZ 110625 $42.99
Bach Flowers Rescue Sleep
Bach Flowers Rescue Sleep Huckleberry NZ 110624 $27.99
Malcolm Harker Immune Tonic
Malcolm Harker Immune Tonic Huckleberry NZ 108656 $29.99
Kiwiherb Echinature
Kiwiherb Echinature Huckleberry NZ 100651 was $43.50 On Sale $33.99
Biobalance Organic Moringa Powder
Biobalance Organic Moringa Powder Huckleberry NZ 708377 $20.99
Lifestraem Astazan 6mg
Lifestraem Astazan 6mg Huckleberry NZ 710586 $27.50
Artemis Throat Repair Spray
Artemis Throat Repair Spray Huckleberry NZ 710581 $27.71
Artemis Kids ViroGone Liquid
Artemis Kids ViroGone Liquid Huckleberry NZ 705128 $27.70
Kiwiherb Organic ImmuneGuard
Kiwiherb Organic ImmuneGuard Huckleberry NZ 712495 was $33.40 On Sale $24.99
Solgar Wild Oregano Oil
Solgar Wild Oregano Oil Huckleberry NZ 111729 $22.60
Malcolm Harker Expectorant Support
Malcolm Harker Expectorant Support Huckleberry NZ 109733 $29.99
Malcolm Harker Chest Clear
Malcolm Harker Chest Clear Huckleberry NZ 108652 $29.99
Kiwiherb Echinature
Kiwiherb Echinature Huckleberry NZ 100897 was $58.60 On Sale $44.99
Thopmson's Natural E 500IU
Thopmson's Natural E 500IU Huckleberry NZ 709953 $27.71
Thompson's One-A-Day Ginkgo 6000
Thompson's One-A-Day Ginkgo 6000 Huckleberry NZ 709707 $25.90

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Herbal Medicine

Our herbal medicines and supplements unlock the power of plants to support your family's wellbeing. They're harvested and extracted to ensure both freshness and therapeutic activity.


  • Certified Organic

    External verifiers have audited the grower to ensure organic standards are met.

  • Non - Certified Organic

    Grown organically but not certified by external verifiers. In this instance, we receive signed affidavits from our suppliers and maintain close working relationships.

  • Non - Organic

    When organic is not available, we work with trusted suppliers to source spray-free or conventional product that’s as naturally produced as possible.