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oob Organic Frozen Peas
oob Organic Frozen Peas Huckleberry NZ 711484 $4.99
oob Organic Frozen Spinach
oob Organic Frozen Spinach Huckleberry NZ 711488 $4.99
oob Organic Frozen Broccoli
oob Organic Frozen Broccoli Huckleberry NZ 711485 $4.99
oob Organic Frozen Blueberries
oob Organic Frozen Blueberries Huckleberry NZ 205717 $10.75
oob Organic Frozen Strawberries
oob Organic Frozen Strawberries Huckleberry NZ 711491 $10.75
oob Organic Frozen Mixed Berries
oob Organic Frozen Mixed Berries Huckleberry NZ 703026 $10.75
oob Organic Frozen Raspberries
oob Organic Frozen Raspberries Huckleberry NZ 704139 $11.99
oob Organic Frozen Corn
oob Organic Frozen Corn Huckleberry NZ 711487 $4.99
oob Organic Frozen Beans
oob Organic Frozen Beans Huckleberry NZ 711486 $4.99
oob Organic Frozen Mango
oob Organic Frozen Mango Huckleberry NZ 708739 $10.75
oob Organic Potato Wedges
oob Organic Potato Wedges Huckleberry NZ 711489 $4.99
Viberi Organic Frozen Blackcurrants
Viberi Organic Frozen Blackcurrants Huckleberry NZ 702259 $7.65
Amazonia Frozen Pitaya
Amazonia Frozen Pitaya Huckleberry NZ 605342 $11.95
Sambazon Organic Original Blend Frozen Açaí
Sambazon Organic Original Blend Frozen Açaí Huckleberry NZ 712790 $12.95
Sambazon Organic Unsweetened Frozen Açaí
Sambazon Organic Unsweetened Frozen Açaí Huckleberry NZ 712791 $12.95

You've viewed 15 of 15 items

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Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

If you're a smooth operator, you'll love our organic blueberries, blackcurrants and acai, frozen and ready for your next smoothie, muffin or cereal fix. Full of antioxidants and amazing flavour, they're the perfect fruit to brighten up your breakfast.


  • Certified Organic

    External verifiers have audited the grower to ensure organic standards are met.

  • Non - Certified Organic

    Grown organically but not certified by external verifiers. In this instance, we receive signed affidavits from our suppliers and maintain close working relationships.

  • Non - Organic

    When organic is not available, we work with trusted suppliers to source spray-free or conventional product that’s as naturally produced as possible.