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Organic Figs
Organic Figs Huckleberry NZ 1062 $7.50
Organic Thompson Raisins
Organic Thompson Raisins Huckleberry NZ 1259 $2.65
Organic Coconut Chips
Organic Coconut Chips Huckleberry NZ 1007 $3.75
Organic Cranberries
Organic Cranberries Huckleberry NZ 1228 $10.50
Organic Sultanas
Organic Sultanas Huckleberry NZ 1057 $3.25
Organic Fine Coconut
Organic Fine Coconut Huckleberry NZ 1008 $3.50
Organic Banana Chips
Organic Banana Chips Huckleberry NZ 1217 $5.50
Organic Shredded Coconut
Organic Shredded Coconut Huckleberry NZ 1019 $5.00
Organic Papaya Strips
Organic Papaya Strips Huckleberry NZ 1666 $10.00
Organic Currants
Organic Currants Huckleberry NZ 1230 $8.00
Organic Mango Slices
Organic Mango Slices Huckleberry NZ 1367 $15.00
Organic Crystalised Ginger Cubes
Organic Crystalised Ginger Cubes Huckleberry NZ 1229 $8.75

You've viewed 12 of 12 items

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Dried Fruit

Here you'll find our range of natural dried fruit and coconut for wholesome, healthy snacking and baking. Includes raisins, sultanas, apricots, bananas and dates.


  • Certified Organic

    External verifiers have audited the grower to ensure organic standards are met.

  • Non - Certified Organic

    Grown organically but not certified by external verifiers. In this instance, we receive signed affidavits from our suppliers and maintain close working relationships.

  • Non - Organic

    When organic is not available, we work with trusted suppliers to source spray-free or conventional product that’s as naturally produced as possible.