Bostock's Chicken Wings 550g apx

Each package of Bostock's chicken wings weighs approximately 500g-550g - the actual price will be adjusted as per the actual weight of the item. $9.25kg

Bostock's flocks thrive on a wholesome diet of certified organic, lush green grass and the pulp from their juicy organic apples. They grow our own feed, including corn and barley, which ensures their chickens are consuming the best of what Hawke’s Bay has to offer.

Nurtured as baby chicks Bostock's organic chickens are housed in clean, state of the art, solar powered ‘French Chalets’ which have windows allowing them to roam as free as they please, enjoying the fresh, green grass and environment, but protected from cold weather and predators.

Bostock's focus on quality, not quantity and are committed to producing superior tasting chicken, which has been nurtured from the pasture to your plate. Bostock's will deliver premium, succulent chickens.

Bostock's organic chickens live twice as long as any conventional free-range chicken and enjoy a better life because they are: Antibiotic-free, Hormone free, GMO-free, Chemical free, Chlorine-free & Stress-free

*Fresh deliveries every Tuesday/Wednesday! Please allow an extra 2 days if an order is placed on a different day of the week. Please be advised orders placed on Friday after 12:00 pm will arrive the following week unless 'Same Day' delivery has been selected.

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