Body Ecology Culture Starter 30g

Starter for making cultured vegetables, cultured whipped butter and sour cream and creme fraiche.

Contains 6 packets. Quick and easy instructions included.

Body Ecology culture starter ferments vegetables and cream into delicious probiotic foods. Eating fermented foods is the most economical way to maintain healthy gut flora. Benefits of culturing your favourite vegetables may include:

– helps control cravings for sweet foods

– valuable addition to any weight loss program

– enhanced nutritional value

– immune support Benefits of culturing fresh cream:

– breaks down the fat in cream so it is easier to digest

– can be easily whipped into microflora-rich butter

The Body Ecology products are all specifically designed to help cultivate, repair and nourish our inner ecosystem and give our bodies the healthy microflora that it needs to fight off harmful bacteria and disease.

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