800g floury potatoes
10g dried Pacific Harvest Wakame (wild or farmed)
1 large onion, finely chopped
50g butter
2 T flat leaf parsley
1T Pacific Harvest Smoked Kelp
2 eggs, beaten with salt & pepper
butter & oil for frying

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1. Peel & cut the potatoes into large chunks and cook gently in boiling water until tender. Drain & cool.

2. Re-hydrate the Wakame in warm water for 5 minutes & chop coarsely. 

3. Squash the potatoes into a puree with butter, then add the wakame, onion, parsley & Smoked Kelp. 

4. Adjust seasoning & mix in the eggs. 

5. Shape the mixture into cakes and fry in sizzling butter & oil until golden & crunchy. Makes 12 cakes.

-Recipe by pacific harvest