Demystifying the detox

Demystifying the detox

At Artemis, the word ‘detox’ refers to the normal detoxification function that your liver and kidneys carry out all day, every day. Supporting your detox organs is a daily routine with health benefits that last a lifetime. Your liver and kidneys process everything you eat, drink, absorb and breathe, even hormones and bio-chemicals that your body produces naturally.

In today’s heavily industrialised world, these organs are under more stress than ever before, no matter how clean and green you live. There’s simply no question, everyone benefits from daily detoxification support.

The industrial revolution brought huge changes to our lives and environment and with it came new demands on our bodies. Yet, from an evolutionary perspective, we are the same species - our detoxification capabilities have not evolved. Effects from toxic overload today are commonly seen in the form of an under-functioning immune system – allergies and digestive sensitivities. The effects can also be subtle; waking between 1-3am, headaches and feeling constantly tired. Generally, not feeling as good as a healthy human should! And of course, chronic or long-term toxic load can escalate to extreme
environmental sensitivities and chronic diseases.

A regular detox is essential for two key reasons:

  1. to protect our health (toxins and metabolic wastes are corrosive, like rust)
  2. to improve our overall wellbeing.

Detox has become a bit of a buzzword recently and unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. Many ‘detox’ diets and products won’t work because they are not sustainable. They usually promise quick results, be it weight loss or eternal youth but do not focus on improving overall health.

It is easy to be swayed by enticing marketing, however these detox products and fad diets are not designed to give long-term benefits. In fact, they usually involve extreme dietary changes that are harsh on your body and draining on your system. They’re commonly made with artificial ingredients which can strip the body of essential nutrients and cause long-term damage.

There are lots of different ways to reduce your toxic load, and thus avoid toxins as much as possible in the first place.

Eat organic and unprocessed foods, remove pesticides from your food and vegetables by washing them thoroughly, limit your use of plastics, clean your house with non-toxic ingredients and choose natural personal care products. 

Best practice is to consistently support your detox organs so that they can function at optimal levels to keep you in the best possible health – now and in the future.

Traditional plant medicine has long been used to help support the detoxification function. Because medicinal plants are complex and contain many different phytocompounds (the active part) they can work on multiple issues at once. 

For example, St. Mary’s Thistle (Silybum marianum) enhances healthy liver function and helps protect liver cells from harmful substances; Globe Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) supports normal cholesterol and bile production and sequesters fat; and Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is a lymphatic cleanser and also improves the health of the skin. Because of their holistic nature, medicinal plants can work well together as a remedy.

The right formulation can address both symptoms and an underlying imbalance. Try plant medicine in a cup of certified organic medicinal tea, prepared by a registered medical herbalist for best effect. Medicinal tea has its own benefits; in tea form, the plants’ active constituents are easy for the body to absorb and utilise, meaning the body can get more of the available nutrients, faster. It is 100% pure as there is nothing in the formula other than the whole medicinal plant and water. Plus, a medicinal tea counts towards your daily water intake, improving hydration and helping the body to flush out toxins. For more information on plant medicine and detoxification, visit

Written by Sandra Clair

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