BioBalance Liposomal CoQ10 180ml

Bio Balance Liposomal CoQ10 provides the coenzyme Q10 using liposomal delivery for advanced bioavailability. CoQ10 is a substance found in all cells and tissues, especially in the heart. It's a catalyst for cellular energy production and vital for heart and blood health.

CoQ10 is also a powerful antioxidant that protects cells against free radicals that cause damage and accelerate the ageing process. The microscopic lipid spheres cross the intestine and into the bloodstream to deliver their nutrients right inside the cells that need them.

Ingredients: Coenzyme C10 (as ubiquinone), Sunflower Lecithin extract - glycerin complex (nonGMO oleic acid), Purified Water, Natural Fruit and Berry Extracts, Potassium Sorbate.

*Free from Alcohol, GMO's, gluten and dairy.

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