Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Monday, 3 December 2018 10:58:34 am Pacific/Auckland

Can you believe the summer holidays are just around the corner? Having our children at home with us for 6 weeks! I have found that my best holiday breaks with the kids are the ones when I am prepared and have planned out our days with things to do. These ‘things to do’ don’t have to cost anything but time and in these crazy days of raising children time seems the most sought after commodity.

After shopping for some of my favourite treats and teas from Huckleberry, I carried them home in their brown paper bags.  As they sat on the counter I began pondering...what could these be reused for? We are constantly going through paper for my children’s art pursuits, why not try these? Together we created three easy, fun activities that cost us little or nothing as we used what we had in the cupboard.


My son’s 5th birthday was looming and he was desperate for a pinata. We checked them out at stores and they were upwards of $25. I just could not justify spending that on something they smash with a stick! So our Huckleberry bags came to the rescue! My son drew and coloured the bag and we added some paper for 'hair'. We filled it with treats and stapled it shut. My husband was sceptical it would stand the constant attacks from the children, but, it lasted really well and after every child having two turns to wack it, it finally split apart.


If you are like me and stash wrapping paper away to reuse you will love this idea. Using cookie cutters and paint my son created a pattern on our Huckleberry paper bags and we placed them in the sun to dry. They made great goodie bags for his grandparents this Christmas.


One windy day my boys and I decided to try and make some kites out of the bags. These worked surprisingly well and they have them hanging in their room now. The boys drew on their bags making them bright and colourful, we then tied string onto ice block sticks and made a hole in the top where we cellotaped these to the inside of the bag.  The hole also allows for the wind to fill the kite.

Next time you empty your paper bags from Huckleberry give one of these crafts a try.

Happy Holidays!


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