Things You May Not Know About Coconuts

Monday, 5 March 2018 1:04:12 pm Pacific/Auckland

Thanks go to Naturopath & Nutritionist Nellie Pigot for this article!

Coconuts have had a bad rap for far too long due to their saturated fat content, yet for years they have been eaten all over the world with good effects. But now, with the change in thinking around saturated fats, coconuts have again become one of the topical “superfoods”, given they are a fantastic form of healthy fats.

Coconuts contain a different type of saturated fat to those found in animal products and these are Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCT’s) which are used for energy. 50% of these fatty acids are Lauric Acid and are believed to be helpful for killing off harmful pathogens from bacteria, fungal infections and viruses.

Other studies show that coconut oil may also speed metabolism and encourage weight loss, given that the fat content can leave you feeling fuller longer. It is also believed to benefit those with Alzheimer’s and poor cognition, high cholesterol, epileptic patients and enhance hydration of our hair and skin. The water straight from a fresh coconut is a great mix of electrolytes and so refreshing!

Due to coconut’s resurgence in popularity, there are a variety of great products being produced - coconut yoghurt, coconut milks, coconut kefir, a great alternative for those who are dairy free and a delicious alternative for those who are not.

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