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Wednesday, 9 January 2019 9:11:00 am Pacific/Auckland

We caught up with Chantel, the co-founder of Greenleaf Organics to learn more about her ethos and the development of their GLO immunity shots.

Tell us about Greenleaf Organics. How did you get started?

 Greenleaf Organics started with the birth of our first son, Rocco. From an early age, he was susceptible to minor reactions to certain foods and in particular foods that were not organic. Now that may seem weird and we certainly didn’t want to over-react, but Rocco would be fine with organic strawberries for instance and do poorly with sprayed ones. That was the catalyst as a family to seek out the best produce for Rocco and subsequently ourselves. That initial spark developed over time into a young company with a vision to create products that can benefit people’s health. So, what started as a family ethos, has turned into a full-blown passion and purpose.


How did the idea for GLO immunity shots come about?

We already had a shot of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice that was offered within our 1, 2 & 3 day smoothie blend cleanses, so GLO shots were developed as an extension of that. We also had some concentrated turmeric when we were producing our Turmeric with black pepper Switchel. Quite often we would take that and mix it with apple cider vinegar, and bang it down whilst we were working. From there we started making Turmeric shots for the café and they were really popular so we decided to develop all 4 flavours.


Tell us about the process involved in developing a new product like this

Because we had done most of the groundwork in developing our Switchel tonics, it was a fairly straight forward process to develop the GLO shots.

There was a bit of testing when it came to blending other products such as Maca, but it was a fun process to go through. We did a lot of research around ingredients we wanted to use, and what worked together, and we’d brainstorm each night in bed too!

We always made sure to test our blends with customers and our team to get their feedback and continue to tweak based on that.

The packaging is was what took the longest to develop. We have a great designer who is amazingly creative, and then it’s about getting all the information on each label – which was a little tricky with the size of the shot bottle!


Why have you used apple cider vinegar as the base ingredient?

Personal experience and industry research.

We have found that many people take ACV knowing its good for them but aren’t exactly sure why. We wanted to create a vehicle, for people to drink ACV that tasted good and was blended with other ingredients that could help to support general health and wellness.


Tell us about some of the benefits of apple cider vinegar

Studies have shown that ACV can help to regulate blood sugar levels, aid digestion by increasing enzymes in the gut.


How are the shots best served?

It’s up to personal preference, but over 90% of our customers choose to

shoot the whole bottle and follow that up with some water. It is an

invigorating way to do it and gives you a bit of a kick.

Otherwise, it can be mixed with your favorite juice and added to smoothies.


What can you tell us about the team at Greenleaf?

We are a small but very passionate team. We believe wholeheartedly

in what we doing. We’re all very open to learning new information and discussion around food and beverages as well as matters of the mind and heart. As a team, we come from all different walks of life with varied experiences and that makes for a great environment

in which to learn, grow and share. We are determined to have a positive

impact on our local community, across NZ and eventually abroad.


What’s next for Greenleaf?

We’re in the final stages of developing a bespoke powders range to launch in the first quarter of 2019! Look out for them in store.

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