Cheese & Honey Toastie

Thursday, 19 April 2018 3:23:32 pm Pacific/Auckland

The first batch of Huckleberry honey hit shelves this week! We're super excited to introduce it to you!

The honey comes from our very own hives tucked away in Northland bush. It's raw and unprocessed, has a beautiful amber colour and isn't solid, which makes it perfect for baking, drizzling, smoothies & more!

Honey is also great with cheese, like on a platter & also... in a toasted sandwich! If you've never tried this combo you're in for a treat. The honey adds a sweetness and floral note that's delicious warm next to a sharp cheese and a little honey pickled onion.

Serves 2

Honey Onions

1 tbsp Huckleberry Northland Honey
2 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar
1 small red onion


4 slices of Huckleberry 7 Grain Rye Sourdough* (or other seeded sourdough or GF bread)
1 tbsp olive oil
4 slices Huckleberry Cumin Cheddar (or a dairy-free cheddar alternative, but add some toasted cumin seeds too)
1 tbsp honey
Honey pickled onions


Mix honey and vinegar in a small bowl. Finely slice the onion into rounds and add to the honey mix, coat evenly and let to sit overnight (or if you're in a hurry, 30 minutes will do)

Use a pastry brush to give one side of each slice of bread a coat of olive oil.  Use the same brush to coat the other side with honey. Top 2 of the slices of bread with cheese and then half of the onions each.

Sandwich with other slices of bread, honey side down.

Toast in a sandwich press or pan until golden and cheese has melted.

Slice into triangles (because triangles are always better).

*Huckleberry bread is baked at our New Lynn cafe. It's currently available in New Lynn & Harvest. We're bringing this to other stores soon!

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